So, let’s see…the latest Max-erator news. He tried pears for the first time tonight. Seemed to like them pretty well. Last night he tried a little bit of turkey (mixed with apples and a potato) and seemed to like that too. His very first meat attempt. 

Okay, I admit it. He pretty much eats whatever we put in front of him. He’s a great eater. His favorites are probably apples and nectarines and bananas though. I’m still making all his food. It’s going well, I just am never doing plums again. What a messy pain in the bupkiss.

We’re trying to teach him how to use a sippy cup now. He gets the concept of which part to stick in his mouth, but I don’t think he’s quite got the lifting it up thing yet. If he’s on his back, he’s okay with it. Though he doesn’t spend much time on his back anymore. Even in his sleep he rolls over and hikes his little baby butt up in the air.

In bookish news, so far as I can tell my book is doing well. I’m starting to get fan mail now which is really cool. Awesome, in fact. Though it feels weird to call it fan mail.

Hey, any family or friends reading this — if you know a teacher (for middle school or high school), tell ’em to enter my contest to win a free author visit! Details at www.kimberlypauley.com Contest ends the last day of October. I could be coming to a school near you (and bringing Max to visit…which is the real reason I knew you’d be interested)!


Hard to believe it, but my book is finally out! I’ve got a big HUGE online book launch party going on where I’m giving away bunches of prizes and also an off-line (i.e. Real World) party this Saturday at our house (live anywhere near Illinois? C’mon by!). There’s even going to be a vampire magician/balloon animal artist coming by.

In other news…will post pictures soon from Max’s visit with his great-grandma. And the little guy is sitting up on his own now…still wobbly, but definitely doing it. You have to actually sit him up, but once he’s there, he stays. And he likes carrots. Peas are okay, but carrots and bananas are awesome.

First off, welcome to the new blog location. I’m going to try it out and see how it goes. WordPress has some nice features that Blogger doesn’t have and I don’t think they’ll block us for any reason. I have no idea why Blogger did. At any rate…

I’m having a hard time believing that it is already August. What happened? Where was I? What decade is this? Max is already starting to close in on 5 months (!), my book is officially coming out this month and Pam is getting married in just mere days. Whoa! This is going to be a crazy month.

Max petting Gracie

Max petting Gracie

In Max-related news…he’s become a regular rolling fiend. He can’t always make it back from his tummy onto his back again, but he’s definitely a pro at rolling onto his little tummy now. And he’s discovered Grace and so far she doesn’t mind. He actually pets her and she lets him. He even grabbed her ear one time and she just stood there. Jonesing for some attention, I think.

Look at that devilish grin...right before chomping down on his toes.

Look at that devilish grin...right before chomping down on his toes.

He’s also discovered his toes and likes to pull on ’em and chew on ’em.

Starting to get RSVPs for our big book launch party on August 30th (wanna come??). I’m going to give away prizes and all kinds of stuff and hopefully it’ll be a grand old time. Everyone is invited. Though, if you live in northern Illinois, it’ll be a lot easier on you.

Woot! We’re back from L.A. (well, Anaheim, really. We just flew into LAX). The ALA (American Library Association) convention was great. Max was great (best baby ever, actually…even waiters said so). The book promo stuff went great (I’ll have more about that up on my author blog soon.) Now, my eye, that wasn’t so great. I got this infected ingrown eyelash thing on Thursday, right before we left. Lucky for me, one of our neighbors is a doctor and even luckier for me, he was nice enough to come over and take a look at it and tell me what to do. So I was able to get the swelling and whatnot under enough control that no one at ALA noticed. Yay! Who wants to be the author with the plague eye?

Here’s a picture of me and my little vampire baby outside the Mirrorstone / Wizards of the Coast booth. See my book in the window?? They had one of the coolest booths at the show, actually. It looks like a shop from out of Harry Potter. Or, well, any fantasy, I suppose. Very, very cool.
Here’s Max in his new Mickey Mouse hat. Not that he (obviously) even noticed. That was the only bummer about the trip — here we were in Anaheim staying literally right next to Disney, and the boy was way too young to take to the park. But he did get a hat from Downtown Disney.
And here’s what the boy was doing while Mommy was signing her book for the tons (more than a 100!) of awesome librarians that lined up for it. Daddy had him out there promoting my book with a sticker on his chest and my book by his sweet little head. People literally came back by the booth later just to see if the “cute baby” was still there. Seriously.

Note to self: be sure to bring Max to all book signings and other author appearances.

Max is one month old today, so happy Month Day to him. 🙂 He’s been keeping me busy all day (it’s been a banner day for both outfit and diaper changes). He’s definitely a growing bean; we have had to officially retire some outfits that he’s now too big for (!).

Here you see him in his first little hoodie jacket.
And here he is taking a nap with his great-grandma (who is home now; our guests left yesterday).
Here’s a picture of Tony with his mom and grandma and Max. I think they all had a good visit together.
And here’s my little man wearing his first pair of shoes (courtesy Auntie Lisa). We took him out all gussied up last night to a nice restaurant (more on that in another post). He did pretty well, though we learned a few lessons (pack more breastmilk/bottles!).
And finally, it wasn’t planned but here’s Max’s Month Day present — a new chair for his room that I’d ordered and happened to be delivered today. Too cool, huh? My mom had actually spotted it in one of our catalogs (along with a storage ottoman that is on back order and will be arriving later) and we just had to get it. Ultimately, the glider in the room now will go down to the basement and the leaf chair will be in Max’s Wild Things room.

In other news, I got the final proof copy of my manuscript (and need to finish reading through it tonight to get any changes back to my editor tomorrow). And more news that I’ll be putting on my “author” blog — the publisher has put together some really cool stickers and will be doing a book trailer (kinda like a movie trailer, but for books) that I’ll be doing the copy for (Mina’s inner monologue). Very cool, I’m uber-excited.
I’m also super behind on my YABC stuff, but I hope to get some of that done today and tomorrow (Max, you are verrrry sleepy, verrryyy sleepy….).

Max had his first bath last night and I can’t say that he enjoyed it much. I’d thought the sling thingy would kind of hold him in the water, but it really more held him above it. I think we’ll probably be giving him mostly sponge baths until he gets a little bit bigger. 🙂

He was comforted afterwards by daddy’s finger…Notice the nice fuzzy after-bath hair.
He’s my little fuzz bucket.

In other news, my publisher sent over this year’s catalog (with my book in it! Woot! and on the cover!), a vampire binky for Max, and a letter from a 10 year old who is reading my book (the letter is just the cutest darned thing I’ve ever read). That gave me a nice smile for the day too. I’d also recently gotten a nice comment in email from Alex Flinn’s daughter (Alex is another YA author who writes great books like Beastly and Nothing to Lose). It’s awesome to hear back from people who like the book. 🙂

I’m giving away an advance copy of my book, Sucks to Be Me, on my author site. So check it out!

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