Merry Christmas from us to you!

Merry Christmas from us to you!


We finally broke down and had family photos taken by Souder Photography. They’ve sent me a few, though I won’t be getting the rest until later once they’ve finished processing them and cleaning them up and what not. I’m only going to share one right now, as some of you may be getting a picture for Christmas…

This one makes me laugh. It’s very Max.

The Max Expounds

The Max expounds on an important point.

It started snowing a little bit yesterday and deposited some more over night. Max has seen snow before, but it was a long time ago and he certainly doesn’t remember it — not to mention he couldn’t walk last time he saw any. We’ve even been reading some books about snow to get him prepared.

So this morning he’s standing at the door yelling “Snow! Snow! Oh no! Snow!” I’m not sure what the “oh no” part was for, but he definitely gets what snow is now. I bundled him all up and got on his snow suit (a hand me down from a neighbor, thank you very much Maryanne!) and his boots and his hat. Couldn’t get mittens on him, but I figured, oh okay. Then out we went. Five minutes later, with freezing little boy hands and a small boy meltdown, we were back inside.

This is Max’s first Halloween for trick-or-treating. Last year he was too little (and couldn’t eat candy yet). This year…look out! We had a devil costume for him, but he really wouldn’t keep it on. So instead we went with some overalls and his favorite (as in he wears it ALL the time) fireman hat. And his vampire binky, just because. So he was a vampire fireman for Halloween.

The Max really is changing every day. New words are popping up all the time. Current favorites are pumpkin (punkin’) and football (said with a lot of emphasis), hit (yelled at the TV screen when football is on), mess (as in, oh, look at the mess I made), and pool ball (referring to the pool table). Sounds like fall.

His favorite foods right now are peaches, bacon, sometimes grapes, ramen noodles, rice, egg rolls, popcorn, any kind of food on a stick (i.e. popsicles and corn dogs) and yogurt. He really only wants to feed himself now too–doesn’t want any help from Mommy. Of course, that makes meal time very messy and loooonnnng.

Lunchtime Max

Lunchtime Max

So…the latest…the weather is slowly turning better (with brief forays into snow! in April!). Max wants to be outside every chance he gets. He absolutely LOVES the outdoors. He has a knack for finding the nearest mud puddle and falling right smack into the center of it too…

We’ve tried him on some artistic ventures — fingerpainting and sidewalk chalk. The hard part is getting him to NOT eat his implements of destruction. He’s slowly learning that it goes on the paper, not in the mouth.

In other news, I finally broke down and sold my car. *Sigh*. I’ll miss it. Max got to ride in it just once, as I took it to the Car Spa in Libertyville today to get it washed before we sold it. Incidentally, Max did NOT want to leave the guy who bought the car — I had him hold him for a minute as I took a last picture (sigh again) and Max didn’t want to come back to me! The little stinker! Or maybe he just wanted to go with the car, I dunno.

I forgot to post Max’s latest stats from his one year visit to the doctor (4 shots! ack!). He’s still under 20 lbs., coming in at 19 lbs. 1 oz. He’s made it to 30″ and his head is 46 cm around. He’s doing good, he just keeps getting all snotty-nosed (of course, Tony is too right now, so hey).

Let’s see…in other Max news…he’s walking really well now and really cruisin’ all over the place. He LOVES to go outside, but the weather is cooperating only about half the time (the other half being stuff like the freak snowstorm we had this past weekend). He’s started being pickier with his eating, though you wouldn’t realize that from the prodigious amounts of poop he can still put out. I am soo looking forward to potty training.

He’s gone to a couple of swim lessons now and likes it okay, though I think he’d like it better if they heated the pool more. The poor boy is practically purple when he gets out. And he HATES the kickboard. Tony is the one in the pool with him since I’m too short to really effectively do anything (that 4′ 10″ thing really stands in the way when the shallow end is still like 4′ and some).

I took him to the Kohl Children’s Museum last week with Jennifer and Andrew (from the neighborhood). They had a good time, though it was totally packed. We didn’t think about the whole Spring Break thing.

And Max did get to meet the Easter Bunny, though he really wasn’t too sure about him at all.

Max and the Easter Bunny

Max and the Easter Bunny

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