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Tony was trying last night to get a video capture of the room, but it was really too dark. So I tried again today and it’s better, but the lighting still isn’t great. Still, what the heck. All I’m wasting is bandwidth and pixels, right? If you wanna get a better idea of what the room looks like, you’ll just have to visit. 🙂


Here are just a few details that aren’t covered in the pictures below of the whole room. Because I’m nothing if not annoyingly thorough at times.

So all the furniture came yesterday (even in the snow). Very exciting. 😉 I think things actually look a bit better in person vs. in the pictures since I can’t seem to quite get a good angle to include everything, but you can get an idea of what our “Where the Wild Things Are” nursery room is looking like.
Here’s the changing table / dresser. The little dragon guy in the corner actually hangs up on a wall, but we’re not sure where he goes yet, that’s why he’s all slumped over there. The curtains have leaves sewn on to match the lamps that I made all forest-y. And the flying dragon guy was a Christmas present to me from Tony.
Here are the closet doors. We put some puffy wallables on them (Max, Moishe, Emil, and Tzippy) that we’d found on the Internet. They are 3D and soft.
Here’s the crib (currently sans mattress). There’s room next to it for the glider/rocker and a small table for mommy’s water (or martini, as Tony mentioned). Just kidding, mom.
So here’s the corner showing the other light, the chair, and part of the armoire. I imagine peanut will be getting most of his meals here. I do need to find a little stool for the chair. The one that you could order with it was way too high. I just need a little tiny one. You can’t really see it in this picture, but I made a little round leaf topper for the table by the chair so it would match the other stuff.
And here’s the armoire. And our current outsize dilemma. The big giant leaf. We got it from Ikea ages and ages ago for the nursery but until we just put it together we had no idea exactly how big it was. We’d thought it was 1/3 the size it actually is. It is kinda cool though. So we haven’t actually attached it to the wall yet. We’re debating about whether or not it goes in the room. If it doesn’t, I’ll find a place for it in the basement in my craft-y room (once it is built).

So if you have an opinion, please share. Should the big giant leaf stay or go? If it goes, I’ll probably make a shelf to put up there with some leaves hanging off of it for the stuffed Wild Things to go. Any comments welcome. 🙂

The newscasters weren’t lying about the snowfall today. Looks like we might get up to a foot of snow. Shoot, looks like we’ve practically already gotten a foot of snow. Here’s pictures looking out the front door. You can’t really see out of any of the windows. The snow is coming down kind of sideways due to the wind and the screens are full. Click on an image to see the “big picture” and really see the flakes. It’s a blizzard as far as I’m concerned!
We don’t normally get much snow on the porch, and definitely not all the way up to the door. The winds are supposed to be gusting up to 35 mph, but it looks a little more than that to my untrained eye.
I had to actually move my doctor’s appointment today because there’s no way I can get out of the house. They haven’t plowed yet (not that it would do them a lot of good if they did, it’s coming down so fast) and I don’t think I could get out of the garage anyway. Right now you can’t even tell exactly where the road is supposed to be, other than that there are mailboxes on either side.

Lots and lots to report, but little time to do it in. So, first things first. The new wood floor in the guest room is almost done (first sealer coat went on today, next one tomorrow). The patio and fire pit and flagstone path are done (as of yesterday – yippee!!).

Here’s an in-progress photo while the guys were working on it. Very dusty work — I watered down the grass afterwards since each step would put up a puff of dust.

Here’s Tony and Grace enjoying our first inaugural fire in the fire pit. This was right before Gracie went leaping off the wall over to the other side of the patio. We had no idea why until we went over to check it out — it seems she found a toad/frog. In fact, she literally scared the piss out of it. Tony ran to scoop it up and save it and toss it back out into the yard so she couldn’t play with it like she used to play with the lizards in Florida. And left behind was this little wet spot. Yep, our Gracie the Wonder Slug can actually move fast enough to scare the piss out of a toad.
Here’s a close up of the fire pit. Tony burned some red oak that we’d gotten from Bill, the flooring guy. He’d given us a bag of loose bits after noticing Tony’s monster grill. Tony was very excited.

So that brings me to today (leaving out all the places I’ve recently discovered but have not written up yet). Today Toms-Price delivered some of the office furniture. I’d thought they were supposed to be delivering the two tub chairs for the living room too, but no go. So I’ve got part of my office stuff (3 bookcases, the computer desk & hutch, and the pedestal desk & hutch). The rest is on backorder. However, the pedestal desk part has scratches all over it, so they are sending someone out on Saturday to see if they can get them out or whether or not they have to replace that whole piece.

In the meantime, I’m actually unpacking my books (i.e. not the kiddie lit books) and bringing them upstairs from the basement. I’m definitely getting my exercise today.

Well, we took the first step to our new patio today. Had Lester’s Material Service, Inc. come out to take a look. They are going to get a design back to us next week. They came highly recommended from a bunch of neighbors and seem to have done a lot of patios around the neighborhood.

Thinking of something in a greyish color palette with a seating wall and space for our table and our grill. Maybe even a fire pit. Possibly. Not sure if there’s really room for that or not.

So, there it is. The ginormous flamenco dancer oil painting. On the wall. How we managed to get it up there I will never understand. It’s wwwwwaaaaayyyyy taller than I am.

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