Yes, apparently I blinked and look — it’s March. Max is two. TWO. The boy is two! His party is tomorrow and I should be getting ready, but I know I need to do The Max Stats report after his two year check up yesterday at the doctor.

He’s up to a not-so-whopping 23 lbs. He’s 33 inches tall (that’s 2′ 9″ for ya’ll folks out there who can’t convert it). In other words, a tiny little peanut. He’s 15th percentile for height and just 5% for weight. His pants all fall off of him. Skinny butted-boy.

He did really great at his checkup, though he acted shy for a few minutes. He was really good for Dr. Malloy and even gave him a high five when the exam was over (though he also immediately went shy as he realized what he’d done). Then the nurse came in to give him his (thankfully single) shot. That he didn’t like at all, but then she gave him a football bandaid for it and the little man actually told her thank you. He’s a sweet little guy.

We took him to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday and that went over really well. He even ate some of the pizza and he fell in love with Chuck E.’s animatronic dancing self. We’ll definitely have to go back.

He’s a little chatterbug too and has lots of complete sentences, including things like “No, mommy, don’t want chicken. Want to watch TV.” which I’m not altogether happy about. He’s always on the go.

In other news, Tony and I are doing well on the diets. I’ve lost 19 lbs. so far (10 to go!) and Tony has lost a bit over 20. (I think he’s got 15 to go). And we’re going to go to China — with The Max — very soon. I’m very excited about that, even though I’ve realized my non-existent Chinese skills are going to be put to the test. I did learn a few words growing up, but they were all in Cantonese, not Mandarin.

Anyway, I will try and blog more. It’s just been crazy busy around here. Life, right?


(Yeah, I know I have lots of other catching up to do, but here’s a start…)

The Max has been picking up words left and right lately. As of today’s count, I think he’s got 40. Here they are, in all their glory:

  1. keys
  2. Mom (otherwise known as “Mom mom mom mom mom”
  3. Daddy
  4. shoe
  5. balloon (boon)
  6. ball
  7. car
  8. kitty
  9. doggy
  10. hot
  11. hat
  12. bubble
  13. bottle
  14. cup
  15. cracker
  16. cool (usually “Coooooool”)
  17. dude
  18. sweet (as in, “Dude! Sweeet!”)
  19. hi
  20. bye
  21. pop
  22. straw
  23. no
  24. yeah
  25. draw
  26. nose
  27. ow
  28. honk (he likes to honk unsuspecting noses)
  29. help (if he’s going “hep! hep!” it means he needs a hand with something)
  30. cookie
  31. uh oh
  32. thank you (dee doo, but it means thank you)
  33. clock (sadly, he often leaves off the “l”)
  34. sock
  35. sit (He tells Penny to sit all the time, though sadly he adds an extra “h”)
  36. walk
  37. poop
  38. wow
  39. tree
  40. whoa (said with Keanu-like reverence)

He did attempt to say blueberry today, but it wasn’t altogether successful and came out sounding kind of like “boobee” so I’m not counting that yet…

Max meets a water fountain

Max meets a water fountain

Things have been both crazy and busy, happy and sad since I last wrote here. We lost Tony’s sister Rikki in a tragic car accident Easter morning. Please keep her family in your thoughts. Tony has been working on putting together a charity organization in her honor (more on that later, once all the paperwork is done). We’ve taken two road trips (one for the funeral and one for Tony’s grandmother’s 80th birthday). Max keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more into things. I’m working on my book and expect to be done this week (that being one reason why this blog has sufferred along with no updates).

We had a good Memorial Day, spending lots of time with neighbors and together as a family. We even went to the McHenry Drive In for a doubleheader (Star Trek and Angels & Demons), which was a lot of fun, though I think I’m still tired. Max’s first movie out, as a matter of fact.

I’ve got other Max-ish stuff to update on but first I need to get the book done! Then I can breathe again. If you’re on Facebook, friend me there…I’ve posted a bunch of pictures there. Need to take some more too!

So…the latest…the weather is slowly turning better (with brief forays into snow! in April!). Max wants to be outside every chance he gets. He absolutely LOVES the outdoors. He has a knack for finding the nearest mud puddle and falling right smack into the center of it too…

We’ve tried him on some artistic ventures — fingerpainting and sidewalk chalk. The hard part is getting him to NOT eat his implements of destruction. He’s slowly learning that it goes on the paper, not in the mouth.

In other news, I finally broke down and sold my car. *Sigh*. I’ll miss it. Max got to ride in it just once, as I took it to the Car Spa in Libertyville today to get it washed before we sold it. Incidentally, Max did NOT want to leave the guy who bought the car — I had him hold him for a minute as I took a last picture (sigh again) and Max didn’t want to come back to me! The little stinker! Or maybe he just wanted to go with the car, I dunno.

The Happy Max

The Happy Max

Hello Family and Friends!!

I’m making a memory book for Max for his first birthday (March 10). I’d really love it if you could send a picture, drawing, or just write something up (just regular sized paper is fine) and send it along with your birthday wish for Max.  No presents necessary!! He’s got too many toys already!

I’d especially love pages from the kids! Please also forward this on to any other family or friends who you think might like to participate. Even though you can’t be here on the day (not that we wouldn’t welcome you…goodness knows we’d love to see you! We just know it’s really far for just about everyone we know), this way Max will still be able to have something to remember you by on this first birthday.

And yes, I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures as he covers himself with cake for the first time. 🙂

I know, I know, we’re so far behind in posting pictures of little Max it isn’t even funny. We’ve been sick since we got back from Florida. First Max, then me, now Daddy (and I still can’t shake the cough). I’ll start posting stuff though, I promise.
Pam and Mike came to Chicago for a wedding at the end of January (who, I want to know, gets married in Chicago in January???). It was cold. Not colder than cold, but pretty darn cold. Sadly, we didn’t do much fun stuff since this is when I got sick. 😦 But Max did get to spend some quality time with Auntie Pam and Uncle Mike.
Auntie Pam & Uncle Mike with Max

Auntie Pam & Uncle Mike with Max

Where is the camera?

Where is the camera?

Story time with Auntie Pam & Uncle Mike

Story time with Auntie Pam & Uncle Mike

I’ve gotta bunch of pictures to post, so here’s a gallery…click through to see a larger version. 🙂

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