Tony finished installing the light for the Peanut’s room today. It looks really great, almost like we planned it (we soooo didn’t). It’s a bowl-shaped pendant light with soft clouds on it on a light blue background.
And here’s a shot of the room that shows the carpet. I don’t think I got a picture before that showed what the rug looked like. We found this particular one at Ikea. Wanted something soft and kind of grass-y looking.
So that’s all the update for today. Still having the non-regular contractions and feeling generally sore and drained (yay, pregnancy). Tomorrow I check into the hospital and then Monday…Max!


Here are just a few details that aren’t covered in the pictures below of the whole room. Because I’m nothing if not annoyingly thorough at times.

So all the furniture came yesterday (even in the snow). Very exciting. 😉 I think things actually look a bit better in person vs. in the pictures since I can’t seem to quite get a good angle to include everything, but you can get an idea of what our “Where the Wild Things Are” nursery room is looking like.
Here’s the changing table / dresser. The little dragon guy in the corner actually hangs up on a wall, but we’re not sure where he goes yet, that’s why he’s all slumped over there. The curtains have leaves sewn on to match the lamps that I made all forest-y. And the flying dragon guy was a Christmas present to me from Tony.
Here are the closet doors. We put some puffy wallables on them (Max, Moishe, Emil, and Tzippy) that we’d found on the Internet. They are 3D and soft.
Here’s the crib (currently sans mattress). There’s room next to it for the glider/rocker and a small table for mommy’s water (or martini, as Tony mentioned). Just kidding, mom.
So here’s the corner showing the other light, the chair, and part of the armoire. I imagine peanut will be getting most of his meals here. I do need to find a little stool for the chair. The one that you could order with it was way too high. I just need a little tiny one. You can’t really see it in this picture, but I made a little round leaf topper for the table by the chair so it would match the other stuff.
And here’s the armoire. And our current outsize dilemma. The big giant leaf. We got it from Ikea ages and ages ago for the nursery but until we just put it together we had no idea exactly how big it was. We’d thought it was 1/3 the size it actually is. It is kinda cool though. So we haven’t actually attached it to the wall yet. We’re debating about whether or not it goes in the room. If it doesn’t, I’ll find a place for it in the basement in my craft-y room (once it is built).

So if you have an opinion, please share. Should the big giant leaf stay or go? If it goes, I’ll probably make a shelf to put up there with some leaves hanging off of it for the stuffed Wild Things to go. Any comments welcome. 🙂

Tony put the finishing touches on the “Max Howls at the Moon” mural in the baby’s room today. Woot! One side of the room is done! (well, okay, except for the touching up of baseboards and things like that). Here he is putting in some stars.
Here’s a close up of Max’s red boat. I like how it came out.
And Tony had to do one real constellation — here he is putting in the Big Dipper.
And here’s a shot of mostly the whole wall. I’ll take more pictures once we get the furniture and stuff in the room and of the other side once it is complete. I’ll try and get one without the flash washing out a portion of it. You should definitely click through to see the stars / detail.

The baby furniture will be here on Tuesday, so Tony’s been busy working on the mural(s) this weekend. I helped a bit, just with the detail bits. So here are some more in-progress photos. Note that we’ve got the moon up on the wall now too (it’s really cool).
The big things still missing are leaves for some of the trees, the detail stuff that I couldn’t get to without a ladder (I’ve been forbidden) and the stars. And he’s going to do grass across the bottom of the wall with the windows to where it meets up with the other mural wall. Tony hopes to get that done tomorrow. I’ve got my baby shower (!) tomorrow that Jill is throwing for me, so I’ll be mostly out of his hair. Which is probably just as well. I let him do Max’s face while I did the rest of Max because he was looking so nervous. Tony, for anyone that knows him, likes to do things his way.
Here’s a detail pic of Max howling at the moon. Face by Tony, the rest of the detail by me. 🙂
And I don’t think I’d put an updated picture of the other mural since he finished the grass. There’s still some more leaves and detail stuff that need to be done at the top, but it is just about done. And there’s the ladder I’m not allowed on.

The painting is still in progress in the baby’s room. Tony worked on it some this weekend. Here he is working on the sky.
And here’s a bit of the sky that’s pretty much done.
And here’s the mural on the opposite wall from the “hanging from trees mural”. It is kind of a composite from the book: a scene where Max lands his boat near the sleeping Bernard (minus Bernard (he’s the one that looks kind of like a bull) and with Max not in the boat) + a shot of Max when he’s howling at the moon.
And here’s where it is right now, which includes the Max howling and dancing under the moon. We also went ahead and hung the moon up on the wall (the one I got that does the lunar phases). It’ll be really cool once it’s all done, with the stars and detail.

Well, I finished up the lights for the baby room today (just, oh, a few days later than I had planned. Ah, well.). I cut out leaves from felt and fabric glued them onto the shades of a floor lamp and a table lamp. The first picture shows an in-progress shot.
And here’s the finished floor lamp…
And the finished table lamp. I think they came out pretty good. We just have to decide whether or not we want to leave the bases white or whether we should paint them brown like tree trunks. At the moment I’m leaning towards leaving them white, but I’m not sure. So, anyway, another project down. Now I just need to do one more curtain.

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