So, this is our blog. It’s not an especially witty blog or earth-shattering and reading it won’t change the world for the better. It’s pretty much intended for friends and family and for our own personal use (writing stuff down helps us remember things as we get older, apparently). If you’re not one of those (friend or family), you’re still welcome to come visit…heck, why not stay and become friends? We’re friendly people.

Kimberly is an author, a book reviewer, and a crafting fiend. She has way too many hobbies, including making homemade natural soap, knitting, painting, quilling, sewing, quilting, and…well, pretty much anything that involves making stuff. You can find out more about her and her books at her official Author Website: Kimberly She’s also the founder and owner of Young Adult Books Central.

Tony is an actuary, project/product manager type guy which means he understands math and looks at the world in a very logical way (though it may not appear that way all the time). He’s a serious foodie and a great cook. He’s also a pretty good chess player. You can find out more about his professional side at his blog.

Max is the new guy and the most adorable little guy in the universe. Seriously. Just look at the pictures. He’s definitely a boy and loves anything that rolls or roars or flies through the air.

Grace is our long-suffering cats and Penny is the newcomer (and interloper, to Grace) dog.

PS: If this looks familiar from somewhere else it might be because you came across it when we were hosting it at Blogspot…but after some issues, decided to move it here.


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