Yes, apparently I blinked and look — it’s March. Max is two. TWO. The boy is two! His party is tomorrow and I should be getting ready, but I know I need to do The Max Stats report after his two year check up yesterday at the doctor.

He’s up to a not-so-whopping 23 lbs. He’s 33 inches tall (that’s 2′ 9″ for ya’ll folks out there who can’t convert it). In other words, a tiny little peanut. He’s 15th percentile for height and just 5% for weight. His pants all fall off of him. Skinny butted-boy.

He did really great at his checkup, though he acted shy for a few minutes. He was really good for Dr. Malloy and even gave him a high five when the exam was over (though he also immediately went shy as he realized what he’d done). Then the nurse came in to give him his (thankfully single) shot. That he didn’t like at all, but then she gave him a football bandaid for it and the little man actually told her thank you. He’s a sweet little guy.

We took him to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday and that went over really well. He even ate some of the pizza and he fell in love with Chuck E.’s animatronic dancing self. We’ll definitely have to go back.

He’s a little chatterbug too and has lots of complete sentences, including things like “No, mommy, don’t want chicken. Want to watch TV.” which I’m not altogether happy about. He’s always on the go.

In other news, Tony and I are doing well on the diets. I’ve lost 19 lbs. so far (10 to go!) and Tony has lost a bit over 20. (I think he’s got 15 to go). And we’re going to go to China — with The Max — very soon. I’m very excited about that, even though I’ve realized my non-existent Chinese skills are going to be put to the test. I did learn a few words growing up, but they were all in Cantonese, not Mandarin.

Anyway, I will try and blog more. It’s just been crazy busy around here. Life, right?