(Yeah, I know I have lots of other catching up to do, but here’s a start…)

The Max has been picking up words left and right lately. As of today’s count, I think he’s got 40. Here they are, in all their glory:

  1. keys
  2. Mom (otherwise known as “Mom mom mom mom mom”
  3. Daddy
  4. shoe
  5. balloon (boon)
  6. ball
  7. car
  8. kitty
  9. doggy
  10. hot
  11. hat
  12. bubble
  13. bottle
  14. cup
  15. cracker
  16. cool (usually “Coooooool”)
  17. dude
  18. sweet (as in, “Dude! Sweeet!”)
  19. hi
  20. bye
  21. pop
  22. straw
  23. no
  24. yeah
  25. draw
  26. nose
  27. ow
  28. honk (he likes to honk unsuspecting noses)
  29. help (if he’s going “hep! hep!” it means he needs a hand with something)
  30. cookie
  31. uh oh
  32. thank you (dee doo, but it means thank you)
  33. clock (sadly, he often leaves off the “l”)
  34. sock
  35. sit (He tells Penny to sit all the time, though sadly he adds an extra “h”)
  36. walk
  37. poop
  38. wow
  39. tree
  40. whoa (said with Keanu-like reverence)

He did attempt to say blueberry today, but it wasn’t altogether successful and came out sounding kind of like “boobee” so I’m not counting that yet…