So…the latest…the weather is slowly turning better (with brief forays into snow! in April!). Max wants to be outside every chance he gets. He absolutely LOVES the outdoors. He has a knack for finding the nearest mud puddle and falling right smack into the center of it too…

We’ve tried him on some artistic ventures — fingerpainting and sidewalk chalk. The hard part is getting him to NOT eat his implements of destruction. He’s slowly learning that it goes on the paper, not in the mouth.

In other news, I finally broke down and sold my car. *Sigh*. I’ll miss it. Max got to ride in it just once, as I took it to the Car Spa in Libertyville today to get it washed before we sold it. Incidentally, Max did NOT want to leave the guy who bought the car — I had him hold him for a minute as I took a last picture (sigh again) and Max didn’t want to come back to me! The little stinker! Or maybe he just wanted to go with the car, I dunno.