I forgot to post Max’s latest stats from his one year visit to the doctor (4 shots! ack!). He’s still under 20 lbs., coming in at 19 lbs. 1 oz. He’s made it to 30″ and his head is 46 cm around. He’s doing good, he just keeps getting all snotty-nosed (of course, Tony is too right now, so hey).

Let’s see…in other Max news…he’s walking really well now and really cruisin’ all over the place. He LOVES to go outside, but the weather is cooperating only about half the time (the other half being stuff like the freak snowstorm we had this past weekend). He’s started being pickier with his eating, though you wouldn’t realize that from the prodigious amounts of poop he can still put out. I am soo looking forward to potty training.

He’s gone to a couple of swim lessons now and likes it okay, though I think he’d like it better if they heated the pool more. The poor boy is practically purple when he gets out. And he HATES the kickboard. Tony is the one in the pool with him since I’m too short to really effectively do anything (that 4′ 10″ thing really stands in the way when the shallow end is still like 4′ and some).

I took him to the Kohl Children’s Museum last week with Jennifer and Andrew (from the neighborhood). They had a good time, though it was totally packed. We didn’t think about the whole Spring Break thing.

And Max did get to meet the Easter Bunny, though he really wasn’t too sure about him at all.

Max and the Easter Bunny

Max and the Easter Bunny