We had a great time in San Antonio (we were there because a library had “won” me and I was doing a vampire writing camp)…the only bad part was the weather, which was cold. Believe it or not, it was actually warmer in CHICAGO on the day we came back than it was in San Antonio. Grrr. Every time we travel, we bring the weather with us.

I have to write one note to point something out — see the picture with Max where he’s holding hands with a guy? That’s Angel. You should click through to get the larger picture so you can see Max’s face. Angel was part of our wait staff at Oloroso one night. The restaurant was great but the best part for Max (aside from a bunch of Mommy’s mushroom soup) was Angel. He just loved him. He’d wave whenever he came around and gave him lots of smiles.

Max always loves waiters and waitresses, but Angel he really liked. 🙂 He was a great guy!

Oloroso we’d definitely recommend while in San Antonio. Really good food and nice atmosphere. And friendly people. 🙂 We also really liked Boudros, which is on the river (kind of suprising it wound up so good, since a lot of the places there just seemed really touristy). Max really liked the guacamole risotto there (they made him up a plate and boy did it come out from the kitchen fast! I think they wanted to keep baby happy).

G/M Steakhouse reminded us of Coney Island in St. Pete. Even though it was right across from the Alamo, it did have a local dive kind of vibe to it. It was actually a local guy who told us about it.

Our first night (since I’m talking about all the stuff we ate) we ate at Acenar (Hot Mex Cool Bar). It was very trendy and cool. It was pretty good too. Max actually behaved least well there (though he wasn’t that bad), but it was after a day of travel AND we wound up sitting in the back. I’m sure they thought that would be better with the baby, but Max is actually much better behaved if he’s in the thick of things where he can see stuff and flirt. He’s a HUGE flirt.