I think I can safely say that Max had a good first birthday. He actually slept in a little, then I made him corned beef hash for breaksfast (he loves that stuff) and we went to a Baby Play thing at the library. Then we picked up his balloons and some party supplies (the balloons got a totally awesome reaction from him; he loves balloons and even says “bawoon” now).

A bunch of neighbors and their kids came over to play and celebrate with Max (all told, nearly 40 people). The house was utter pandemonium but it was a lot of fun (though lesson learned: hide the noisemakers). The baby pool ball pit was an especial hit, as was my extensive collection of Mr. Potato Head stuff (I started that collection w-a-y before Max arrived on the scene). We had pizza and cake. Max got his own, of course, though he played with it more than he ate it. He actually learned an important lesson: yellow and blue make green.

In other Max news, he’s finally getting another tooth (middle, top right…or top left if you’re looking at him). He’s also trying out his language skills with words for bubbles, balloons, and duck (he still says Mamamamama when he’s upset). He waves hello and goodbye (most of the time) and has learned to clap his hands. Patty-cake won’t be far behind, I’m sure. He’s very close to walking and has taken up to 5 steps by himself, but still prefers to crawl (I think because he’s a really, really fast crawler and it gets him where he’s going faster). All in all, we’ve had a great year.