The Happy Max

The Happy Max

Hello Family and Friends!!

I’m making a memory book for Max for his first birthday (March 10). I’d really love it if you could send a picture, drawing, or just write something up (just regular sized paper is fine) and send it along with your birthday wish for Max.  No presents necessary!! He’s got too many toys already!

I’d especially love pages from the kids! Please also forward this on to any other family or friends who you think might like to participate. Even though you can’t be here on the day (not that we wouldn’t welcome you…goodness knows we’d love to see you! We just know it’s really far for just about everyone we know), this way Max will still be able to have something to remember you by on this first birthday.

And yes, I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures as he covers himself with cake for the first time. 🙂