Our little guy is getting bigger and badder every day. Not actually badder in a bad sense, more like in the James Brown sense. He’s now figured out how to get himself sitting up on his own (before, we had to sit him up) and has even stood up by himself while holding on to the hearth. He’s basically ALWAYS moving.

Max Standing!

Max Standing!

We’re starting to baby proof because the boy is into EVERYTHING. He has an especial fondness for cords (like laptop cords or lamp cords) and basically anything he’s not supposed to have. He’s only done a bit of traditional crawling, as he’s figured out he can scoot across the floor pretty darn fast (especially on the hardwood, where he’s like a greased pig) while still on his belly doing the military crawl.

His first tooth is in, though it’s only about half way out. You can definitely see it (and feel it!) now. He’s still eating well, though nothing chunky yet. He dearly loves yo-baby baby yogurt and thinks it is the coolest thing in the world when he gets a bite of the same thing mommy or daddy is eating (like the butternut squash soup I made the other night).

More updates soon 🙂