Yum blueberries!

Yum blueberries!

Max is a good eater, albeit often a kinda messy one. I’ve been making his baby food by hand (well, by food processor, anyway). So far I’ve made him apples (with and without cinnamon), banana, peaches, plums (which neither of us wanted to eat; they were too tart), nectarines w/ apples, carrots, butternut squash, and blueberries. Of course, the blueberries are what he somehow managed to smear all over his face.

Right now he’s getting two “meals” a day + breastmilkĀ around 5 times a day. He’s doing really well with the “real” food.

He’s sitting up really well now, though he does periodically take a tumble…usually face-first into a toy. Such a boy. He’s not crawling yet, though he’s getting really good at hiking his butt high up in the air. He even rolls over and sleeps that way half the night…tummy down and butt up.

He thinks Daddy is the funniest guy ever and he loves it when Mommy sings. He’s a good boy.