So Tony got sick and actually stayed home Monday, Tuesday and today (not that he didn’t work…he just stayed home and worked from here). He had a bad fever for a while there and even went to see the doctor (nobody faint). Sadly, it is “just” a cold, so there wasn’t anything they could give him. Of course, now he’s sharing it with me. Max seems unaffected so far. Supposedly, the breastfeeding is protecting him, what with all the antibodies and what-not in it. I just don’t understand why I get sick, if I’ve got all these germ-fighters pulsing through me? Eh, who knows.

We had a pretty quiet day today, all in all. I read him some books and he seemed to pay attention.
And he fell asleep on daddy.
And even got his groove on. Hair courtesy the bath he had last night. (Oh, who am I kidding, his hair is always all fluffed out. 🙂 It’s just a little more fuzzy after a bath. Tony has started calling him Spike.).

In other news, it apparently takes 12 weeks plus 1 day to get a social security card these days. They’d said it would take 9 – 12 weeks. At any rate, Max is now official and we can open up his bank account.
I also weighed him on a neighbor’s baby scale. He’s over 11 1/2 pounds and closing in on 12. Don’t know exactly since I didn’t strip him naked and he kept wiggling around, but he’s definitely somewhere around there. Gettin’ bigger every day. And the poops to show for it.