Poor little Max is all congested. He’s snorting up a storm. I actually brought him to the pediatrician last Wednesday (weight that day up to 6 lbs. 6 oz…so he’s probably around 6 lbs. 10 or 11 oz. now). They wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to his lungs (it wasn’t, just seems to be in his poor little schnoz).

He’s having a lot of trouble breathing today and I managed to break the nasal aspirator — it split right in half while I was trying to suck out one of his boogies — but I’m no expert in using the thing anyway. That’s daddy’s job — he was able to suck out one monster booger with it…I swear it was bigger than Max’s nose. Seriously. Adventures in parenting. But Tony’s at work today so it’s just me and the Max.

So I’ve got him under a cool mist humidifier and sleeping on an incline and putting saline drops in his nose (and oh, he’s so fond of that). I even tried a battery powered nasal aspirator (that was a bust…there should probably be a warning on some products saying “For gullible new parents only”). I’m hoping this whole congestion thing clears up soon.

And needless to say, Mommy is getting pretty much zero done. I promise (I hope) to get thank you’s out very soon to everyone who has sent something for little Max. It is all appreciated (and awesome!).

Anyway, on to some pictures…

Here’s Daddy and Max during a burping session.

And here’s Max peeking out of his hotsling that Mommy was trying out to carry him around in. It works pretty well, but I think it will work better once he’s a little bigger.