Max was such a good boy yesterday. I never thought I’d be happy to count poopy diapers, but hey he’s my boy. Max seems to have turned the corner and is eating (and associated other body functions) every 2 hours like he is supposed to. Thank God for the breast pump. Mommy’s been a champ getting up at all hours to pump. But it is all worth it, just ask Max.

We got Max all decked out today in his “going to town” clothes and one of his fancy blankets. The whole family walked over the the little shopping area in the neighborhood. There is a baby goods store there called Little Skye. Mommy went and got herself some nursing bras so she can be a little more comfortable. Of course we had to spoil Max and get him a little stuffed gator (getting him started as a good Gator).

Here’s a picture of Mommy pushing little Max around in the stroller.

Max has been working all week on his “I’m working on my diabolical plan to conquer the world” pose. It doesn’t come through well in pictures, but trust me it is cute.

Max tried out his bed for just a little bit. He is really a great sleeper and generally a perfect little boy. He’s only fussy when Daddy is changing his diaper. Other than that he sleeps all though the night except when we wake him up to feed him.
We are definitely blessed.
Another gratuitous tired parent picture.