Isn’t he cute?

Today Max learned to get into the routine: sleep, eat, poop…oh, don’t forget burp or he can’t sleep…
Max learned how to do all of the above very well today and he’s doing everything he is supposed to do, right on schedule.

Mommy’s just about got everything figured out…rule #1 only try to feed Max if you can see his eyes. If you don’t see those beautiful eyes, don’t even try. Give him to Daddy to wake him up.

Notice the good cop/bad cop thing starting already????

Also notice those nice alert eyes? Feed Mommy feed!

Daddy’s jobs are to: wake up the Max so he can eat (be gentle ’cause he won’t eat if he’s fussy…), burp Max after feeding (Max actually seems to really like this) and to comfort Max after some mean nasty nurse sticks him with a needle so much that both Mommy and Daddy are crying too.

We’re getting into the swing of things. Tomorrow we wrap up everything at the hospital and try it at home. I’m actually thinking this will be easier, as poor Mommy will now be able to get away from nurses who wake you up just as you finally get a break.

More to come tomorrow as the Pauley adventure continues down its new and exciting path.