I was looking at the calendar this morning and realized that we’ve got pretty much exactly two weeks to go (or less). Ack! Somehow, it seemed like March 10th was farther away than that when I was talking to the nurse on the phone and scheduling the inducing. And, of course, he may decide to appear sooner than that. There’s no telling. We’re kind of hoping he does, since the whole inducing thing can have complications.

And by all indications, he’s ready to come out. I think he was trying to kick his way out through my belly button last night. Ouch! He’s a strong little bugger and I bet he’s going to be just as stubborn as his dad. All the stuff you read says babies start to run out of room about now and settle down and don’t move as much. Not this peanut. He makes himself known. Repeatedly. No rest for the wicked or the weary.

We’ve got the bag all ready and packed (officially) as of today. I needed to get a nursing bra, so Tony (poor fellow) took me to Betty Schwartz’s Intimate Boutique in Buffalo Grove today. I’d wanted to try it out because they were supposed to carry Bravado nursing bras (though, curiously enough, they didn’t). I gather it has been around for awhile, since they had an old black and white photo with a storefront that said “Betty Schwartz’s Corset Shop” on it. It worked out okay. This friendly older lady helped me out and I got a pretty comfy nursing bra. Crazy things, I tell you.

We also stopped for lunch at the Buffalo Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor (1180 West Lake Cook Rd. Buffalo Grove IL, (847) 808-1120). We definitely have to try it again when I can eat sweets. They had the best looking sundaes I’ve seen in ages. Huge. Towering. Yummy.


This gestational diabetes thing is getting old.

Anyway, the rest of their food was good too. I had a taco salad (easy on the beans and I skipped most of the shell, making it pretty GD friendly) and Tony had soup and a burger with some really good fries (I ate one teeny one). I’d thought it was going to be a greasy spoon kind of place (well, it kind of was), but it was also really good and those Fountain desserts…oh man. Definitely have to go back sometime. Repeatedly. Too many options, too little time.