Well, this is a snowed-in kind of day. It started coming down last night while we were in the child care class (we were a little worried we weren’t going to get out of the hospital!) and stopped for a while, but now it is snowing steadily again. It is seriously winter out there right now. No question about it. We officially live in the far North, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not leaving the house today unless there’s a baby emergency (you hear that, peanut? no tricks from you today). He has been kicking up a storm and positioning his butt directly in the center of my rib cage, but other than that, I think everything is good.

Tony went into work (on the train). I’m waiting to hear back to make sure he got there okay. It’s really crazy out there.

We did have a little dramady last night after the class. We got home and it was nearly 10 and the furnace wasn’t working. A guy had been here earlier to work on the humidifier (long story, but it probably hasn’t worked since we moved in) and somehow the gas line thingy got tripped. The heating element was coming on, but no heat. The guy was about to make the long drive out here in the snow when Tony figured out what it was. Yay, heat! Good thing, it would have been a bad night to not have any heat.

Anyway, in the spirit of getting rid of things to do, here’s a write up or two I should have done back in early January:

Convito Cafe & Market
1515 Sheridan, Wilmette, IL 60091 (847) 251-3654

We’d made a trek southward to check out a baby store (Lazar’s, which carries nice stuff, none of which we’ve bought there…though we did wind up getting the Orbit baby stroller online that we had trekked out to Lazar’s to see, since they are one of the only places around here that carry it). While we were on our way back home, it was time to eat (I’m kinda on a strict schedule now with the whole gestational diabetes diet), so we stopped off at a little collection of shops and stores in Wilmette.

We had lunch at the Convito Cafe & Market, which is primarily an Italian-ish place (used to be 2 different places: Betise Bistro & Convito Italiano — they merged) . One side is a cafe and the other is a market (I think you could have guessed that) / deli. It’s nice inside, pretty elegant with an upscale (but small) menu. Definitely a bit of an “old world” feel to it. I wound up having a burger on wheat bread. Can’t remember what Tony had, but he liked it. The service was a wee bit slow, but nothing terrible. It was a bit of a task to find anything low carb for the GD diet, but I managed. That’s not a knock against it though…it’s pretty hard to find that out anywhere, especially as restricted as I am right now.

Also in that same shopping center is Burhop’s Seafood (same address as above, 847-256-6400), a seafood market I’d heard was a “must stop” for the area. So we went in there after lunch to pick up some fish for dinner. It was late on a Sunday, however, and they were fairly wiped out, so it probably wasn’t a good day to judge them. They didn’t have a great selection out, but our timing was bad, so it’s hard to know what to say. Not sure if we’ll be back or not since it is a heck of a jaunt from our house, but if we’re out that way again, we might stop in. What we did get was good quality though. And the people were friendly.