Things are definitely starting to look up. My sugar is finally (!!) coming down after the latest insulin increase, which is giving me more energy and definitely making me feel better. And today was the first day that my keytone reading wasn’t too high (negative, in fact!!!) and my fasting sugar was below 90. Woot! I’d talked to the nutritionist yesterday and she suggested a late night snack with at least 20 carbs. So I had a sugar free carnation instant breakfast at midnight and it really seems to have worked!

I know, I know, kind of a crazy thing to get all excited about.

And I went to the exercise room with Jill at lunch yesterday and did 30 minutes on a treadmill & elliptical, which helped with the blood sugar levels too (it dropped by 50 points after I was done). We’re going to go again sometime on Friday. It helps to have someone to go with, especially when it is cold and nasty outside and you don’t want to leave the house.

AND I had a little bit of a spa day yesterday in the afternoon — I went to Mario Tricoci for a facial with Emme (she’s awesome), which really helped my skin out and made me feel better. The high sugar levels had been fighting it out on my face too (stuff takes longer to heal when you’re hyperglycemic). I have to get Tony in for one of those. He’d love it, he just doesn’t know it.

And…yesterday I posted on the YABC blog that I was looking for a new reviewer or two to add to the volunteer staff because I’m sure I’ll have less time for updates after the baby gets here. Last time I posted a similar thing, I got a few responses total. I’ve already gotten over 10 this time and some really impressive ones (former editors, current authors, teachers, librarians). It’s going to be really hard to narrow down to just a couple of people. But it is good to know that people are reading the blog. 😉 The pageviews on the site are over 250,000 a month now and I get tons of email, but sometimes you still feel like you are operating in a vaccuum. So it’s nice to see people actually paying attention and wanting to get involved.

And today I’m going to run out and do some shopping so I can finish up some baby projects (like the lights for the room — I’m cutting leaves out of various shades of green felt and putting them on the shades so that they look all forest-y and also sewing leaves on some window sheers). I can hopefully finish all of that up tonight. And I need some nightgowns that will a) cover my belly now and b) work later on when breastfeeding and c) be comfortable. I feel ridiculous walking around in my normal nightgowns with the front all hiked up high because of all the extra belly.

And I need sour cream so I can eat taco salad! Taco salad, taco salad, taco salad! (I love taco salad! And if I’m sparing on the chip part, it actually works really well into the whole diabetic diet thing.)

Eh, so I guess that’s a boring enough update for today. I’ll post more pictures tomorrow if I get the lamps done. They are coming out pretty cute so far (I’ve got one side of one of them done). Besides, I’m feeling like the “And then…” lady with all the “And’s” in this post.