Well, I can’t wait any more. We’re not actually done with the mural yet (it’s about, eh, 75% complete), but I figured I’d post some in-progress pictures (more pictures’ll be posted as we make progress, so check out the archives for Jan-Feb 08). You can click on ’em to see the larger size and really see the detail (like in the first picture, where you can actually see the penciled-in outlines).

Tony has done most of the painting part, since I’m supposed to stay away from chemical-ly stuff (I did just a little bit of the painter-y paint, not any of the wall paint). I’ve done most of the detail stuff (using paint markers) since that was the least smelly bit, but Tony has done some of that too (one of the pics is of him detailing Max). The quote at the top is directly from the book and is very fitting since we’re naming him Royce Maxwell (Max).

Moishe, the funny guy in the striped shirt, is my favorite so far. But overall, I’m really happy with how the whole thing is coming out. We still have to add some more leaves at the top and the grass at the bottom and we’re thinking about doing another smaller mural on the other side of the room too (I bought this moon nightlight thing that goes up on the wall and does the phases of the moon and there’s a picture of Max in the book where he’s howling at the moon). Tony’s going to blend the blue paint so that it’s darker on the other side of the room so it’ll look more dusk-y on that side.