I went to Babies R Us today to order the furniture for the baby room. Of course, it’s on backorder, but it is supposed to come in by the end of January, so we should be fine. Here are all the pieces. The dresser doubles as a changing table. I actually bought the changing pad today and a few other things.

Let’s see…the other big news for the day. I went to the doctor today for my regularly scheduled checkup. I wasn’t expecting anything much, but I got a few big pieces of news. The biggest being that they want to induce me at least a week early (if I don’t wind up going earlier than that on my own) because of the gestational diabetes. And I have to switch hospitals from Lake Forest to Lutheran General because I have to go on an insulin drip during labor and LF isn’t set up to do that. And I have to go to the dr. weekly from here on out and do a stress test (a Fetal Non-Stress Test to be exact) each time. There will also be two more ultrasounds so they can monitor stuff. So right now we’re looking at the week of March 10th or thereabouts.