After the Apple Festival, we were hot and tired. We dropped off some stuff at the house and I voted for sticking our feet in the oh-so-cold and oh-so-huge Lake Michigan. What better way to cool off?
We went to the Lake Bluff Sunrise Beach and did some rock collecting and skipping (I truly suck at the skipping part…it’s more like just chunking a rock in the water for me). Tony isn’t too bad at it, though. And a bit of sticking our feet in the water. Man, is it cold. Here’s my pregnant self getting cold feet. People actually swim in this stuff, which I find truly amazing. Haven’t they ever been to a real beach? One where your lips don’t turn blue once you get in the water?
Sunrise Beach is actually a really nice little park area. They even have a lifeguard on duty during certain times of the year (none of which actually have water warm enough for me to swim in). There’s a few shelters, some playground stuff, and even a fireplace/pit. They even allow dogs to swim around (though I gather you have to sign some paperwork first, presumably attesting that your dog will place nice with everyone). It’s a nice little spot.