Lots and lots to report, but little time to do it in. So, first things first. The new wood floor in the guest room is almost done (first sealer coat went on today, next one tomorrow). The patio and fire pit and flagstone path are done (as of yesterday – yippee!!).

Here’s an in-progress photo while the guys were working on it. Very dusty work — I watered down the grass afterwards since each step would put up a puff of dust.

Here’s Tony and Grace enjoying our first inaugural fire in the fire pit. This was right before Gracie went leaping off the wall over to the other side of the patio. We had no idea why until we went over to check it out — it seems she found a toad/frog. In fact, she literally scared the piss out of it. Tony ran to scoop it up and save it and toss it back out into the yard so she couldn’t play with it like she used to play with the lizards in Florida. And left behind was this little wet spot. Yep, our Gracie the Wonder Slug can actually move fast enough to scare the piss out of a toad.
Here’s a close up of the fire pit. Tony burned some red oak that we’d gotten from Bill, the flooring guy. He’d given us a bag of loose bits after noticing Tony’s monster grill. Tony was very excited.

So that brings me to today (leaving out all the places I’ve recently discovered but have not written up yet). Today Toms-Price delivered some of the office furniture. I’d thought they were supposed to be delivering the two tub chairs for the living room too, but no go. So I’ve got part of my office stuff (3 bookcases, the computer desk & hutch, and the pedestal desk & hutch). The rest is on backorder. However, the pedestal desk part has scratches all over it, so they are sending someone out on Saturday to see if they can get them out or whether or not they have to replace that whole piece.

In the meantime, I’m actually unpacking my books (i.e. not the kiddie lit books) and bringing them upstairs from the basement. I’m definitely getting my exercise today.