Pat’s Pizza
Route 83 Grayslake, 847 223-PATS

Ok, I’m way behind. But I’m working on it. We went to Pat’s back on the 16th. I’d asked the PCHO list for some pizza place recommendations and Pat’s was one of them that was close by. I’d actually asked for delivery options (which Pat’s does), but Tony wanted to go out instead.

It’s a down-home looking place where they serve you up a basket of peanuts as soon as you sit down (“the last true neighborhood family experience”) and they feature four homemade crust styles: thin, New Yorker, Deep Pan (i.e. Chicago), and Double Decker.

We tried their specialty taco pizza in the deep pan style. I liked it, but Tony was just so-so…I think his brain couldn’t get over the whole taco-pizza combo. So next time we try them we’ll have to have a more traditional style pizza — maybe their “gut buster” special. They also have sandwiches, “broaster” chicken (what’s up with that, anyway? We’ve seen that everywhere up here) and a pasta dish or two. But pizza definitely seems to be their specialty. Definitely worth another try…though, of course, we’ve also got all those other recommended pizza places to give a shot.