I’ve still got some more blog catching up to do (too many new places + too much stuff to do = blog way behind), but I thought I’d give a general update on how things are going.

We’re still liking the neighborhood and everyone in it. It’s an interesting group of people, as evidenced by the email distribution list affectionately (I suppose) called PsyCHO. If there’s one thing you can say about the people of Prairie Crossing it is that they are all passionate people. Well, at least the vocal ones are.

A couple kids came over yesterday to get books to read. They really loved the crawlspace in the basement. They want to turn it into a neighborhood sleepover / hang out spot with big fluffy pillows and strands of Christmas lights. Too cute. They also checked out some of my hat collection.

Let’s see…on furniture…we received our new dresser (no problems) and our table and chairs (no mounting hardware included…big problem…). The sofa and double chair for the family room has been received by the shipping company (I was told today) and we should be getting sometime in the next 7 to 10 days.

We also found and ordered two chairs from Toms Price. We found perfect chairs — tub chairs in red leather that swivel and rock. They’ll be perfect in the living room. With the other couch we ordered which should be here sometime in May. We hope. Meanwhile, we have a very echo-y house (which the kids also discovered yesterday).

Had another flooring guy out today. Tomorrow I’m calling to set up getting the new wood floor in the guest room. Then the whole house will be wood (no carpet. yay!).

And also tomorrow (hopefully) I’ll get a 220 plug in the laundry room so I can use my nice washer & dryer set again. We’ve been using the ones that came with the house. I miss my front-loading washer & dryer. *sigh* I was spoiled. Of course, we’ll have to sell the house ones and then figure out a way to get our set out of the basement and into the laundry room without killing anything.

Anything else? I dunno….Tony seems to be settling in at work. He’s really happy to have minions. I told him I want to dig up my old Dungeon Keeper game for the sound effects. You know, the slapping the imps around and what not.

The cats are also settling in. They’ve got their cat hole now and can get to the basement whenever they want.

Lots of funny stories around poor little Gracie…

There’s a little neighborhood girl named Grace and whenever I leave the window open and the other kids are calling her name, our Grace can’t quite figure out what’s going on. Why do they keep calling me? she seems to be thinking as her head bounces back and forth like she’s at a tennis match, watching them as they run by. Then the other day we ate lunch outside and she came and sat with us. Later, our neighbor Jill asked if we had a dog. It seems her mother (who must also live in the neighborhood) had seen us out and had a conversation along the lines of “Oh, I saw your new neighbors out with their dog”. Um, no, I said, that would just be our really fat cat…