Dorfler’s Meat Market
1182 McHenry Road / Arlington Heights Road
Buffalo Grove, IL (847) 459-3060

Tony called me earlier today and wanted me to pick up some fish for dinner from a seafood market (if I could find one). I posted to the Prairie Crossing email list for suggestions, but people mostly just recommended Sunset (which we’ve tried and like okay, but we were hoping for a small shop with maybe a little more variation in what they get in). So I found a place online called Dorfler’s and thought I’d try it. It’s about 11 miles from here, so not too far.

It’s actually a pretty good market for meats, seafood, and deli products. Big, clean, well-lit and no mysterious fishy (or otherwise) odors. I did learn that they get in new seafood daily and it all did look fresh, though only one (rainbow trout) had the head still on. So I talked to a guy that works there and he said if you call ahead you can get pretty much anything with the head on/whole. Best to call a whole day ahead though.

They also deliver. Not normally as far as Grayslake, but when I asked he checked with a guy in the back who lives out this way and he said he’d be happy to deliver stuff on his way home. That’d be for both meat and fish.

Prices were okay and they do offer coupons too. I bought some Chilean sea bass and some grouper. We’ll see how it is and maybe we’ll order up a whole red snapper later this week or next. So far seems pretty promising.

A few people mentioned a good shop out in Glenview (though according to the website I found, it is in Willmette?) called Burhop’s. We might have to make the drive out that way and check it out some weekend. I’m not sure where it is, but I do know it is farther than Deerfield.