Well, things never quite work out like you think they will, but they still work out. Let’s see…Thursday. My flight leaving Louisville was late because of weather issues (surprise). But the walk through went ok (though the house hadn’t been cleaned yet; they did get to it before the closing though). Nancy took me out to dinner at Mambo Italiano (more on that later) and then I met Tony back at the hotel.

The closing went fine and didn’t even really take that long. We had a lawyer (I didn’t even know we had one; Tony says they require one here) and he hurried things along by knowing when and where we had to sign things. We went by the house afterwards and just checked things out. Then we went to Bank of America to deposit the money we got refunded after the closing (they lady had given us a final closing number that was way high).

Then our plane wound up leaving late from O’Hare (again, no surprise) and we didn’t get back to the house in Louisville until, oh, around midnight.

Up again Saturday morning to get stuff packed up…but the movers wound up being late because some of the guys were coming up from Tampa after a move. So, all in all, it wound up being far later than planned by the time they got everything loaded. And…a few things wouldn’t fit. The lounge chairs and our rice goddess head are still in Louisville (though hopefully Jameson will be bringing them up to us sometime).

So instead of the movers following us up here, we wound up driving up with just our two cars on Saturday night and they drove up Sunday morning. So we slept on a blow up bed after the long drive up (Harley and Grace were, shall we say, not remotely happy about the drive up).

Our stuff got here okay on Sunday with not much in the way of damage. They unloaded and we met some neighbors, did some unpacking, etc. It was a long, long day. Everyone seems very friendly. Not just in the neighborhood either — people in stores and restaurants. Everyone has been really nice and helpful. We even had the neighbor across the street (Joan & John) bring us some brownies (really good brownies).

More later, I’m beat now.